Who we are...


Gunfighters Anonymous is an ever growing training community consisting of like minded individuals of all backgrounds. Here you will not find a typical instructor/student dichotomy. Gunfighters Anonymous is combative firearm training for those proficient in their abilities and capable of self-coaching. Participants of our clinics should be intermediate or advanced level shooters, with at least 1+ year of firearm experience.

Gunfighters Anonymous does not host typical instructor led firearms courses. Clinics are organized practice sessions for community members to freely work on and improve their skills. Clinics consist of focused workshops through the training day, members are free to participate in as many or as few as the workshops as they desire.

Gunfighters Anonymous is NOT for new or inexperienced shooters! We ask that all our participants have a strong grasp of the fundamentals and a mastery of safe weapons handling. If it is not right for you at this point, we highly encourage you to check out our trusted affiliates where you will find excellent industry resources.

Many of our members are firearms instructors and industry experts. It is our goal to provide them excellent quality range time without the pressures of instruction. To maintain a high level of practice and an safe training environment, all participants must be vetted prior to attendance.


Upcoming Clinics