Gunfighters Anonymous is a community dedicated to safe, exciting, and affordable combative firearm training and instruction.

Gunfighters Anonymous hosts experiential learning clinics designed to both challenge and improve participants in combative situations. Clinics are structured and well organized into focused workshops. Workshops are member led and are designed to get progressively more advanced throughout a clinic.

At Gunfighters Anonymous, there are no students or instructors. Clinics and workshops are simply structured practice and team building sessions. Participants should come knowing the fundamentals and be capable of self-coaching. This is practice for intermediate and advanced shooters, NOT for beginners.

For this reason all members are expected to come with a firm understanding of both weapon safety and manipulation. To ensure this, all members must be vetted by administrative staff or sponsored by a current community member prior to attendance.

In order to stay inclusive as possible, Gunfighters Anonymous maintains as small as possible required equipment list. However members are generally expected to provide their own equipment, ammunition, food, lodging, and transportation.