Required Equipment

The following list contains the minimum standard equipment that each clinic participant is expected to attend with. This list is to be considered the bare minimum to attend workshops and participants are encouraged to bring additional equipment and firearms. This list includes items required for camping, hygiene, or personal sustenance/comfort. Please use your own judgement as these are only suggestions. A loaner carbine, shotgun, and handgun are typically available on site and are chambered in 5.56mm , 9mm, and 12g accordingly. If you have any questions regarding this list please contact us at:


Primary Firearm

  • Any make and model semi-automatic & shoulder fired
  • Functional optic or iron sights, zeroed prior to arrival
  • Clean and in working order
  • Minimum 2 functioning magazines (6x preferred)
  • Sling System (2 point adjustable preferred)
  • Weapon mounted light


  • Any make or model semi-automatic
  • 7+ round capasity
  • Sighted and zeroed prior to arrival
  • Clean and in working order
  • Minimum 2 magazines (6x preferred)
  • Compatible holster
  • Weapon mounted or handheld light


Shotgun (Optional)

  • Any make or model pump-action or semi-automatic
  • 5+ round capacity preferred
  • Slug or large buckshot preferred 
  • Appropriate sling
  • Clean and in working order
  • Weapon mounted or handheld light

Clothing & Load Bearing Equipment

  • Comfortable weather appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Ear and Eye Protection REQUIRED
  • LBE wearable for long periods of time
  • Compatiable with handgun holster
  • Capable of carrying multiple rifle and handgun magazines
  • Capable of carrying a emergency trauma kit
  • Capable of carrying a water source


Camping & Sustainment


  • Range Bag for workshop equipment (mags, ammo, etc)
  • Cooler with food and beverage for event
  • Small personal tent or pop up shelter
  • Sleeping bag, mat, or cot for camping
  • Personal hygiene kit and towel
  • Folding chair or stool
  • Lantern or headlamp
  • Clean change of clothes