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Concealed Gunfighter

The concealed Gunfighter


This clinic is designed to advanced the skills of those of us who carry guns every day. This is NOT a CCW permit course! Participants are expected to have already obtained their CCW permits in their respective state or be in the process of obtaining their permit. As per usual, many of our members are instructors in the firearms industry. However they want to practice too and are not attending to instruct others for free. Participants are asked to have a STRONG knowledge of weapons manipulation, be able to self coach, and have a MASTERY of firearms safety!

This will be an advanced CCW clinic including workshops covering:

  • Fundamentals of handgun marksmanship
  • Drawing from concealed
  • Off-Hand skills
  • CQM & ECQM
  • Shooting from vehicles
  • Shooting and Moving
  • Fundamentals of teamwork and communication

As usual, only approved members are allowed to register for this clinic. If you have not attended in the past and would like to participate, please click here to learn about membership.

Registration Fee $25

Included with Registration:

  • Full access to our member led workshops (schedule below)
  • Full use of our community range and equipment
  • On site camping at the C.M.T.C.
  • On site bathrooms, showers, and laundry

This is a non-typical clinic for Gunfighters Anonymous and therefor our regular required equipment list is not required for participation. Instead participants are asked to bring only:

  • A serviceable handgun appropriate for concealed carry
  • A concealment type holster for handgun
  • Two additional magazines
  • Estimated 650 rounds of ammunition
  • Weather appropriate CCW clothing, footwear, and ear/eye pro.

This course is scheduled to run 9am-9pm with a break for lunch, dinner, and open range time. Participants are required to bring their own food and drink. Camping is available on site at no additional cost for those that would prefer to drive home in the morning. 

Schedule is Subject to Change

Later Event: October 28
Gunfighter Fall 2017