Gunfighter Summer 2017

  • Combat Maneuver Training Center 92 Howell Loop Ulman, MO 65083 USA

Gunfighters Anonymous's inaugural event!

This clinic will cover skills ranging from introductory combative marksmanship all the way to team fire and maneuver drills. All workshops will be geared towards improving members skills as well as developing a solid team base to grow and develop from. 

As a thank you to our new community, this course will be offered at a discounted registration fee of $40. This fee goes directly towards land expenses, range equipment, and amenities. 

This clinic will cover: Introductory to advanced handgun & rifle drills, barricade shooting, movement & team drills, as well as a low light section! 

As always, participate as little or as much as you like. Schedule of events including estimated round counts are posted below. Suggested round counts are proposed only to help members pace themselves for the entire weekend, there is ample time for members to get additional range time! Keep in mind the competition for prizes will be hosted during open range time on the second day. Every registered member is allowed to compete at no additional cost. 

Registration Fee $40

Included With Registration:

  • Full access to our member led workshops (schedule below)
  • Full use of our community range and equipment
  • On site camping at the C.M.T.C.
  • On site bathrooms, showers, and laundry
  • Entry into competition for PRIZES

All participants are expected to provide their own equipment for the duration of the event. Please check out our required equipment page for more information on equipment expectations. In addition to our required equipment list, participants are encouraged to bring camping amenities such as chairs, cots, sleeping bags, and tents if they plan to camp on site. As well enough food and water to keep your body sustained throughout the weekend.

Typically a community member will volunteer to prepare meals throughout an event (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, & Lunch) at a cost of around $5 each paid directly toward the cook. Any community member volunteering to cook for the event is allowed to attend at no cost. 

At this point, we have not secured a volunteer to cook for the event.

Schedule Is Subject To Change.