Gunfighters Anonymous strives to maintain as inclusive membership base as possible. As always, there is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE. However due to the nature of our community we require that members follow our rules and guidelines listed below.

Community Rules and Guidelines

  • Only vetted members may sign up for and participate in clinics and events hosted by Gunfighters Anonymous.
  • All members must not have felony convictions or currently be under indictment of a felony offense.
  • All members must be legally allowed to be in possession of AND operate firearms.
  • Members will adhere to all Local, State, and Federal laws at all times. 
  • Safety is our #1 priority! Safety is everyone's responsibility.
  • While at training events, members must follow all safety guidelines put in place. This includes but is not limited to basic firearm safety (4 rules) and the "See Something, Say Something" rule.
  • Members are expected to represent Gunfighters Anonymous in a positive light. Actions or statements deemed inappropriate by staff or membership are grounds for removal from the community.
  • Minimum age of membership status is 18 years old. Participants as young as 14 are welcome to attend with parent or legal guardian on site.
  • Members are expected to provide or obtain all required equipment specific to each event. We encourage members to work together to organize logistics prior to events. If staff does not explicitly state specific accommodations, please do not expect them to be provided.
  • It is expected that members maintain personal fitness and proficiency enough to participate fully in workshops and clinics. If at any point a member is uncomfortable or incapable of performing a task it is the members responsibility to remove themselves from training.


If you would like more information about Gunfighters Anonymous or to become a vetted member, please complete the form below.

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